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Welcome to ZENGHOST.com

I have been into knives for over 14 years now and it was through a knife search way back in 2002 that I first found BladeForums.com. That was just the beginning as I am now a member of many other Knife and Flashlight forums. This site serves both as a kind of portfolio for my collection(s) and also as a way for people to get in touch with me. Feel free to browse through the site and/or email me if you have any questions. Be sure to also visit BalisongInfo.com to step into the world of balisongs.

Knives As mentioned above, knives have been draining my wallet for many years now. This section allows me to show them off a little. The section is divided into several categories of both custom and production knives, but as you will see my true passion lies in balisongs (a.k.a butterfly knives).

Flashlights As many knife nuts will tell you, once you get into knives it's difficult to stay away from all the other great gadgets out there. As many other knifeholics before me, I found my way into flashaholism a few years ago and haven't been able to escape. This section displays my meager flashlight accumulation.

Photography My interest in photography developed somewhat from my love for knives. Seeing all the great knife photography out there and wanting to take good pictures of my own collection made me look into photography. I am interested in all types of photography and hope to one day be able to call myself a "photographer." But until then this section contains my rather sparse portfolio.

Multi-Tools As it is with knives and flashlights, multi-tools are just too useful to stay away from. From the longtime favorite Swiss Army Knife (SAK) to the newer Leathermans, these tools are great stand ins for when you don't have your garage full of tools around when you need to get something done.

Links Spending a lot of time on forums means spending a lot of time on the Internet. This means that I come across a lot of great links to other forums or more information. This page is a collection of useful links to check out.

Reviews and Publications Having "tested" (i.e. played with) a lot of gadgets over the years I sometimes feel the urge to wax poetic on their pros and cons. I've also been asked on occasion (okay, only one occasion) to write an article related to something I pretend to know about. This section is just a collection of those ramblings.

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