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About My Knives

I've always liked knives but it wasn't until I was a senior in high school that I really started getting into them. My first purchase over $100 was a knife and I bought it just before I turned 18 with some of my graduation money. That knife was a Cold Steel Tanto that I sold a few years later. For the next ten years I bought maybe one good knife a year until I found BladeForums. After that things really escalated and then everything just exploded when I discovered balisongs. Balisongs are by far my favorite type of knife and my collection has grown rather quickly over the past few years. I can say that I'd probably have a lot more money had I not gotten into balis, but I'm still glad I did and I expect to have them for the rest of my life.

To navigate through my collection, choose one of the categories on the left side navigation bar or you can read more about each category below before making your decision.


Custom Balisong We've been seeing a boom in the number of custom knifemakers that make balisongs and that has definitely caused a dent in my wallet. My first custom knife was a balisong made by Charles Marlowe who had just begun making balisongs and who has now risen to the top of the custom balisong class.

Production Balisong In the beginning, there were very few production balisongs being made and even fewer good quality production balisongs. Benchmade was the first to produce high quality balisongs in the U.S. and that's probably why Benchmades make up a large part of my collection but there are a lot more production knife companies entering this market so that might someday change.

Custom Fixed Other than that first Cold Steel Tanto, I've never been much of a fixed blade person, but there are so many custom makers out there making beautiful fixed blades. Custom fixed blades tend to be more affordable than custom folders and so it was easy to take the plunge on some of these custom blades.

Production Fixed I carry mainly folders, so this part of my collection is pretty sparse, but it's hard to deny the usefulness of a good fixed blade in a camping or outdoor type setting and I plan on expanding my collection of production fixed blades for that very purpose.

Custom Folder There's no two ways about it, custom folders cost a lot of money. For that reason alone I don't have much in the way of custom folders, but since I carry a folder with me everywhere I go, it only makes sense that I spend the money on one so I hope to be expanding this category very soon.

Production Folder After discovering that fixed blades just weren't easy to carry around as folders, I started carrying my first one-hand-opening, pocket clip knife about ten years ago (a Benchmade Leopard Cub). Since then I often pick up production folders to rotate as my every day carry (EDC).

Custom Auto Due to price and legal issues, custom autos just aren't practical for me so this section is always going to be pretty sparse. There are some really beautiful custom automatics out there and I hope one of these days I'll be able to add more to this section.

Production Auto Legal issues make owning an auto pretty impractical, but at least they are more affordable than the custom automatics. I do pick up the occasional auto, but it is somewhat rare for me to do so.
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